" I have been taught by Francesca for the last eight years and in such a time frame I can say that she has built most of the dancer that I am today.  Francesca  has helped to change my thinking process of how to execute every movement, from a simple  breath to the most complex technical routine. She constantly poses questions that help to outline individuality in all of her dancers. Discipline and authority surely never lacked, yet I must admit I have never encountered ultimate dictatorship, she allows freedom of choices and always encourages the discovery of oneself. She constantly demonstrates experience in a variety of styles that include the Graham and Cunningham technique, as well as floor work, release and flying low. Her classes are generally a blend of all mentioned, which I feel are an important asset to the current  companies and projects.  Francesca  gives a lot of importance to contact work and she greatly believes in the development of trusting one another even with new acquaintances that one has never met before. I have also worked with her choreographically mostly in the dance theatre field. Her creative processes mostly include a post-modern approach initiating with the generation of interesting scores. The score is generally a starting point, but the resulting end point of the creative process is always unknown and different and this is what I find as motivating and inspiring. Francesca is an artist always striving to enrich the culture and arts in Malta,  inviting international artists and sharing new ideas to Malta. One of her greatest contributions is the creation of the platform  'Dance Hybrid Malta' which does not only import what is happening beyond our shores but mutually exposes the Maltese talent and potential. Above all she also pushes other artists which do not necessarily form part of the dancing sector and is always vouching for an expansion of the audiences visiting the Maltese theatre and other artistic venues. "


- Rochelle Gatt

3rd Year Undergraduate Dance Student,

University of Malta School of Performing Arts

 " Francesca always makes it a point to really delve into each and every individual present in her class. Speaking from my experience, I entered the studio without any sort of knowledge regarding dance technique. Indeed, my intentions were not to become a full-time dance student, nor to become a dancer. I wanted to further my own understanding of both my limitations as an artist and my own capabilities in terms of movement; and Francesca not only realized this but helped me to actualize it. Nowadays, I can say that I'm on the road to understanding who I am artistically, thanks to her. "


- Jacob Piccinino

Physical Theatre Graduate,

University of Malta (2014)


" I found Francesca's new approach to discovering movement in the body for greater expression very stimulating. Her analysis of various schools of thought in contemporary dance was easily translated into understandable and challenging dance.  Her driving nature and total dedication to concept and innovative dance, demands what creating dance choreography requires - discipline and hard work, an openness and willingness to experiment and push illusory boundaries, physically and psychologically. She has an incredible ability to get devotion to her ideas from her dancers who gain enormous strength of character and professional dancers with a solid work ethic. Francesca's work is nothing short of brilliant; her musical interpretation, sense of color and space, her passion and search for excellence are inspiring. She is selfless in her dedication to dance, to form which she sculpts like a master kinetic artist. "


- Rossana Maya

International Flamenco Dance Artist


Francesca Abela Tranter

francescatranter@gmail.com | (+356) 7940 3588