" The first time I worked with Francesca Tranter was in the year 2000. The result of our collaboration was the piece CORPUS which featured a soundtrack compiled from samples and electronic processing of the dancers' own voice work. One of the significant qualities that I admire about Francesca is that her work has always been abreast of international developments in dance and the performing arts. "


Ruben Zahra (composer)


" Diaspora’ should and must be seen. Even if it succeeds in some small way to bring to light the realities we are living, it has a place in the here and now. Tranter’s work has found a way to embody the Maltese spirit: tenacious, kind, not afraid to step on toes even while helping each other to get on in life, leaning, fighting, living with passion


Miriam Calleja


We hear their bodies gasping and fighting with exhaustion. We are appalled and curious at the same time and wondering: did they find what they were looking for? Did they reach the place where they have been traveling to?  Diaspora is a choreography by Francesca Tranter and her dance ensemble Contact Dance Company. It is a reflection of what she feels today as an empowered Maltese female choreographer within the Mediterranean context.


Blanka Fekete


.......a performance that instigated a mixture of emotions. The original score, choreography and execution of the piece was a breathtaking experience


Vanessa Abela


What an intense performance. I felt out of breath just watching them.


Chiara Ripard

" Great pathos and outstanding energy vibes came out from all of you guys! Everything in perfect balance... sounds, lights, silence, human breathing... sharing all of your emotions in a very powerful Energy! Prosit! "


Simona Coscia


" I step into the theatre expecting the relevant (though some say already passé) theme of migration, and to see outstanding dancers sharing their technical prowess to the fullest, and I am not disappointed. If there is one thing Tranter knows, it is how to draw everything out of a performer, and Diaspora is no exception.................. The urgency of this message, the strength, tenderness, and sincerity of the dancing, and the overwhelming significance of its theme, strike a deep chord. As Europe looks toward Valletta in 2018, and considers how foreigners and new ideas are welcomed, Diaspora is a heartening voice in this dialogue. The performance is a resounding achievement for Maltese dance. "


Malaika Sarco-Thomas


Always a privilege and a joy to experience the intensity, insight and gruelling, drawing-in inclusivity which are always the hallmark of your work Francesca. Your amazing dancers portrayed the gamut of emotions sublimely and with outerwordly stamina. Bravissimi tutti!


Yasmine Nuvoli


A true artistic piece with outstanding dancers and an interesting choreography - a wonderful experience! Must see!!


Diane Spiteri


The dancers blended together in a synchronised way yet everyone had a personality and style. Their technique and power was amazing. The intense parts took turns with lighter parts to keep the piece balanced. Music, light, special effects, costumes, introduction of photographs, recorded voices and video fragments - everything was so thoroughly prepared!


Alena Vasileva



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